Chattahoochee Hills Food Pantry

Open every Wednesday from noon til 6 pm.

Serving Chatt Hills, Palmetto, and Fairburn.

Food Pantry Guidelines

1. Those in need are invited to visit the food pantry once a month.

2. One cloth bag or two placstic bags may be filled with food.

3. Upon arrival, complete the patron form (found at front desk) indicating needs.

4. Hand form to staff member who will fill your bags.

5. Special needs maybe reported to staff member.

More About the Food Pantry:

Local churches agreed we needed a centralized Food Pantry for our area. Community Brickworks agreed to manage it. Individuals, churches and other faith based groups, service groups, even whole communities bring food and other needed donations help keep it supplied.

We especially wish to thank Midwest Food Bank for their assistance.

This past year we have had over 480 families have visited our pantry, folks who are struggling in our city and the surrounding area. Some came once or twice, some come each month. All are good folks fallen into bad times.